Purchasing an instrument

Building a new instrument for a musician is a process of trust. A close connection with the musician is of uttermost importance. This is where the relationship between the musician and his or her future instrument starts.


Ordering a bespoke instrument is a process with no risks involved. After paying a down payment of 10% the order is closed and a delivery date is set. The moment you receive your instrument there is a 10 day period where you can decide to keep the instrument or not. If not, the total amount of your down payment will be refund.



If you decide to keep the instrument I provide you with a lifetime of free sound adjusting service. This to insure that the instrument can use all its potential to develop his unique sound profile.  

No patience or you want to see and try one of my instruments. 

Representative New York City, USA. ReedYeboah fine violins.


Representative Paris, France. Guy Coquoz. 


Representative London, UK. Sean Bishop