Anton Somers. 
Born in 1986, Borgerhout, Belgium. Ever since childhood he was very passionate about woodworking. At the age of 15 he made his first instrument, the next year he started studying at the violin making school of Antwerp.
Directly after his studies in 2006 he worked in a local workshop in Brussels till 2011. Anton then decided to take the leap and started his own business opening his workshop in his hometown Melsele where he grew up and is strongly connected to the cultural life. From 2013 till 2015 Anton Somers and his former employer tried to work together again, but now as chef d'atelier, in the workshop premises of Anton in Melsele. where he worked meanwhile on his own account. One can see finally an output of high quality instruments under his own name, with his own models and with his own varnish, which lead to a boost in his career. 
In September 2016 Anton also took on the challenge to work as a teacher in the violin making school of Antwerp ILSA.
In December 2016 Anton received a Coup du Coeur in the violin making competition “Violoncellenseine” in Paris which was dedicated to the cello. The cello was specially awarded for his tonality qualities by renowned cellist Damian Martinez Marco. 


In 2020 Anton was selected by Andy Lim personally to serve as one of the five supervisors for the 3-year string sextet project, where 24 last year student/ recently graduated violinmakers will make 2 violins, 2 violas and 2 cellos. Anton has the honour and the challenge to supervice the making of 2 cellos. 
In 2021 Anton made a string quartet containing completely CITES certified whalebone purflings.
This quartet is shown in the book published by Darling Publications "Anton Somers Vioolbouwer te Antwerpen ~ 22 instruments of the violin family 2012-2021 which was launched in Brussels, June 2021.
Anton‘s instruments are appreciated by the most demanding musicians as also by investors who keep them in their private collection.