Crafting truly unique instruments that resonate with the most discerning musicians is what truly ignites my passion. Each day, my relentless pursuit of the finest materials remains unwavering, with no room for compromise.


The journey begins with the meticulous selection of the perfect piece of wood, which is then expertly carved and shaped into the form of a violin, viola, or cello. Stepping into my workshop today would transport you back 300 years, as the traditions and artistry remain timeless.


I specialize in creating contemporary instruments that draw inspiration from the profound knowledge and timeless beauty bequeathed to us by the masterful violin makers of old. Infusing innovative techniques into this age-old craft underscores that violin making is not a lost art; it thrives more vibrantly than ever before.


A relentless pursuit of excellence leads me to continually examine the finest historical instruments, seeking to unravel the mysteries behind their enduring beauty and captivating sound. Why does that centuries-old Italian violin possess such unparalleled grace, and why does a classic Venetian cello produce such mesmerizing tones? These questions serve as my guiding compass, shaping my approach to craftsmanship.


After years of meticulously replicating these renowned instruments, I realized it was time to evolve. Armed with this wealth of knowledge, I embarked on a journey to express my individuality and create instruments that are distinctly my own.


Crafting a recognizable and personal style has become paramount to me. In this pursuit, the violin transcends its role as a mere musical instrument; it becomes a canvas for artistry, a manifestation of my ideas, and a testament to my boundless creativity.