Creating a truly unique instrument for the most demanding musicians is what makes me excited. Searching for the best materials available is a daily concern and no compromises are made. 

It all starts by selecting a perfect piece of wood which is carved and shaped into a violin, viola or cello. This is all done by hand. There’s not a lot of difference if you visit my workshop today or if you would entered a violin makers workshop 300 years ago.


I make contemporary instruments that are born out of the knowledge and the beauty ancient violin makers left behind. Implementing new innovations into this process shows that violin making is not a lost art but more alive than ever.   

Examining the best historical instrument is something I have always done and reveals a treasure of information, why is this old Italian violin so beautiful and why does this classic Venetian cello sounds so good?  These questions guide me to the working method I use today.


After years of making close copies of these famous instruments I felt it was time to evolve and use all of this knowledge to express myself and create my own models.


Working towards a recognisable style is very important to me. This is where the violin becomes more than a musical instrument it becomes a piece of art that reflects my ideas and creativity.